Monday, April 27, 2009

Some Things Bear Repeating

As I fly around Squidoo land in my role as a Squid Angel, I look at more lenses than you can imagine! lol It is fun, and I dearly love to find one worthy of a blessing.

I continue to see these common errors - so I decided to again alert you to these:

1. Bio - oh my! sometimes I dream about that orange guy. Please add a photo and a bio. Introduce yourself to your readers.

2. Default module titles - again and again I see reasonably good lenses with all default module titles. Don't be guilty of that one. Change the title in every module that you use. I am especially aware of this one. It was one of the hardest lessons for me to learn on Squidoo. I would create a beautiful lens, send it proudly to The Isle of Squid, and shortly receive a message "your lens cannot be accepted because you have default module titles." And I would fix them, and resubmit. Over and over. Save yourself some grief. Fix those module titles as you create your lenses (and if you ever spot one on a lens of mine -- do me a favor -- drop me a note and tell me). Thank you.

3. No Intro Picture. A lens without an intro picture is half done. Add a picture to that intro module.

and keep having fun making super lenses!!