Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Complete that bio

This is good advice for all of us -- old and new!

Keep that bio fresh and appealing! Of course, you must have a photograph and a bio. Or if you have a friendly and quickly recognizable logo like Ohme or Growwear, then that works too!

Introduce yourself as if you were at a business social hour or a Chamber of Commerce meet and greet breakfast. Be friendly and cordial. Tell us about yourself and why you love Squidoo. Tell us about your children, your dogs, your cats. and somehow mention your expertise or interest in each lens.

Yes, I use a default bio sometimes, but I am trying to train myself to change the bio for each lens.

Your bio is very important. And I can assure you, if that orange guy is in your bio, many of us will rush right on without reading your lens.

PS - a little special angel advice -- I don't ever bless a lens with an incomplete bio or a default module title - the worst offender and the one most often forgotten? Guest Book!

Believe me, I have had to correct many of my own many times over, so I am an expert in those default module titles. Check them, and then check again. It's so easy to take a quick look, consider your lens "done" and overlook that default Guestbook title.

Have a fun day Squidoo-ing!


Mortira said...

Great tips!

I used to just write a kind of summary in the bio section for each lens, but I have recently started writing a blurb about my connection to the topic.

I think this approach can reassure readers that a lensmaster is knowledgable about the topic. Any kind of bio that lets readers know you aren't a spam artist is a good idea!

Joan Adams said...

Absolutely totally agree, Mortira - anything that lets our readers know we are not spam artists - is a boost!