Thursday, January 21, 2010

Buy Star Wars Books

As I searched for keywords for Stars Wars, I realized that the Star Wars books had not been overworked, and might well be a nice addition to my new Star Wars niche. I used books for all ages, but focused on books for children.

Another little trick to remember -- and this happened to me -- if someone already has the squidoo url for your topic, you can add the word "buy" to the beginning of the key word phrase, thus the title for this one is Buy Star Wars Books.

Have you found a super little niche yet?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Star Wars Clothing

Our grandson had a Star Wars Christmas this year! I took a clue from him and I am creating a series of lenses from Star Wars products. I am searching for key words for Star Wars that rank well. The market is totally saturated in some areas. When you are looking for a new niche, look for markets that have room for you in the less popular areas. I search for at least 4000 visitors weekly with little competition. That assures me of regular visitors, not a million visitors, but enough to keep my little site active.

You are invited to visit Star Wars Clothing to see an example.