Thursday, February 26, 2009

Squidoo Lens Ideas

Are you searching for a great lens idea today?

It is time to make some seasonal lenses - spring is here. Easter, gardening, fashions and celebrations!
Take a look at Ohme's Spring Jubilee, which announces and highlights the spring celebration in her hometown of Pendleton, SC.

And do use that great new About Me Module. I am trying now to add it to the bottom of all my lenses. Scroll down to the bottom of my lensography and see how it works.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sing a Song of St. Patrick's Day

Have you created a song lens yet? I am constantly fascinated that my song lenses rank high on Google and on Squidoo. I have song lenses for every holiday, and even some that are not for holidays, but just for fun! My 100th lens includes music from every decade of my life. It was great fun to create that one!

and remember, people like to see the lyrics, so they can sing along!

Take a look at Saint Patrick's Day Songs or
visit my music lenses directory

This week, create your own music lens! It's fun!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Squid Tips for You

Yeah! Squidoo Headquarters published a free e-book for its members! Did you get your copy? Squid Tips for You is just waiting for you to download!

I am very proud that my Pendleton lens is right there! Along with all of my sister's lenses about Pendleton! My sister is Ohme on Squidoo.

If you live in a small town, you will want to study Ohme's lenses about Pendleton. There are five of them-- one covers community calendar and activities, another is about the community-built playground, another about local businesses and 2 with local historical photographs. Any small town would be thrilled to have you make lenses about them!

Do let me know if you follow up on this idea! I would love to read about your town!

Friday, February 6, 2009

SquidUtils Toolbar

Are you using the SquidUtils Toolbar yet? This is a free tool available to you from SquidUtils, by thefluffanutta. He created a lens to explain the new toolbar. Go to Get the SquidUtils Toolbar and read all about it. The toolbar will connect you quickly to all of the blogs from Squidoo headquarters, allow you to rate, comment and favorite lenses without all the scrolling up and down, connect straight to your dashboard, and always know when lensrank is updated. And that is just the beginning.

And if this is your introduction to SquidUtils, spend some time on that site. You will find helpful tools for your Squidoo-world available for free.

PS - Need a list of things to do with your lenses? Go to
Squidoo To-Do Lists for a quick review and a list of the best resources available. and have fun!