Sunday, February 15, 2009

Squid Tips for You

Yeah! Squidoo Headquarters published a free e-book for its members! Did you get your copy? Squid Tips for You is just waiting for you to download!

I am very proud that my Pendleton lens is right there! Along with all of my sister's lenses about Pendleton! My sister is Ohme on Squidoo.

If you live in a small town, you will want to study Ohme's lenses about Pendleton. There are five of them-- one covers community calendar and activities, another is about the community-built playground, another about local businesses and 2 with local historical photographs. Any small town would be thrilled to have you make lenses about them!

Do let me know if you follow up on this idea! I would love to read about your town!


Jaguar Julie said...

Congratulations Joan -- and the other Tate girls -- on all of your successes with Squidoo! It's great to see you paying it forward in such a helpful way with your blog and your other contributions. I downloaded the newest eBook from Squidoo HQ to check out all the "helpful" tips from the gang. Good luck with your blog.

Patricia Sanders said...

Cool to see you in the book.

MiMi said...

Joan, that was a fun read from you and other pros. As always, your contribution was inspiring. I bet you will see some hometown lenses springing up!

dixiebelle said...

Joan, thank you so much for submitting the information about our Pendleton lenses. You are so kind and I am very proud of you. Hey, guess what. This blog came up when I was Stumbling!