Monday, October 5, 2009

Come Join us on Giant Squid Open Mike
. This show will focus on the new challenge. Today at 4:00 Eastern Standard Time. October 5, 2009!

here is how it works.....

a little before 4 this afternoon, Monday, October 5 you will go to the website and find the chat room -- usually just by scrolling down...sometimes you need to click a "chat here" button..

If you want to call in during the show, ask a question or make a comment, just dial on your telephone (347) 857-3934 anytime during the show....... You will be instructed to press 1 (one) on your telephone keypad, and that will let Kate know you are ready to be introduced. She will introduce you soon as she can, and bring you on the call. (turn down the vol on your computer or you will have an echo on the phone -- there is a slight lag time)

The chat room operates like any other chat and it's always fun and interesting out there. Chef Keem will likely be there, Ron Pass, Mimi, and other folks you will quickly recognize.

After the show, Kate makes a podcast, so that people can download to their ipods free. and she will also have it on her blog or a lens for folks to listen on the webpage..

The show is casual and fun. we are chatting -- it's just that it is being recorded for posterity and being listened to at the moment by a bunch of

more questions? just let me's fun, it's a very fast

PS if you have trouble finding the chat, refresh the page! the chat does not show up until the show begins.


Susan said...

I'll be there!