Saturday, August 15, 2009

Getting Traffic to Your Lens

We had a nice discussion on the JJJ-2 ning yesterday about the importance of visiting. Visting other lensmasters may be the one single most important thing to do for your own traffic.

Warning - do not leave a link in someone's guestbook. If people want to visit you, they can click on your picture and discover your links. I personally remove comments with links.

But I do strongly suggest you visit at least 10 lenses a day. Visit the top 100 in every category to start. and leave a positive comment. If a lens is in the top 100, it is most likely a lens to study! How does a lens get to the top 100 in any Squidoo category? Many many visits, comments, rankings and favorites. Study these lenses to discover the secret of their success!

And have fun Squidoo-ing! Get involved in the community!

Have you joined SquidU yet?


Correen said...

Can we shorten the list to five a day...pweety pwease? ;) Generous and loving post.